EPro8 Challenge

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EPro8 Holiday Edition
Hours of Summer Holiday fun and learning for your family.
EPro8 Lockdown Edition
Win an EPro8 Electronics Starter Kit for your school.
EPro8 Under Covid 19 Alert Level Two
We have revised our schedule for the remainder of the year.  Schools have been emailed details.  This includes changes to the EPro8 Classroom Week bookings.

Please carefully read the protocols in place for running events under Alert Level Two.  

Each team can only be accompanied by
Inter-School Events
Qualifying Round
The EPro8 Challenge is the inter-school science and engineering competition.  Every year over 10,000 students from 800 schools from throughout New Zealand take part.
Students take part in a series of competitions and events designed to promote science and engineering.
Events are run for year 5-6, year 7-8 and year 9-10 age groups.
Teams of four students will compete for the title of their regions EPro8 Challenge Champion.
2021 Format
School Resources
New For 2022
EPro8 Electronics Starter Kit
We provide schools with a range of quality STEM resources and activities to enhance the learning of students.
EPro8 School Equipment
30 In-school Activities
The EPro8 School Equipment contains:
  • 20kg of Quality Resources - Over 450 Parts
  • 60 hours of classroom resources
  • Full access to online electronics simulator
  • Extensive online tutorials showing solutions to the challenges
EPro8 Classroom Week

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NEW FOR 2021: Qualifying Round

In most regions the competition starts with a Qualifying Round. This is a challenge or competition that teams complete at their own school.

The addition of the Qualifying Round means a lot more of your students can have a chance to be involved.

Qualifying teams then go on to the Event Series, with the top teams from the heats moving on to the final series.

The competition format differs slightly between regions. Select your region above to see the format in your area.

New for 2021, we are launching the EPro8 Classroom Week, a week long STEAM program for the whole of you classroom.

The EPro8 Classroom Week includes:
  • Hireage of extra EPro8 School Equipment - so a whole classrrom of your students can take part at the same time
  • A week long intensive STEAM curriculum
  • 32 activity workbooks - one for each of your students
  • Includes reading, writing and practical maths elements
  • The week culminates in an EPro8 Internal Event
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