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New for 2021 - EPro8 Classroom Week
New for 2021, we are launching the EPro8 Classroom Week, a week long STEAM program for the whole of you classroom.

The EPro8 Classroom Week includes:
  • Hireage of extra EPro8 School Equipment - so a whole classrrom of your students can take part at the same time
  • A week long intensive STEAM curriculum
  • 32 activity workbooks - one for each of your students
  • Includes reading, writing and practical maths elements
  • The week culminates in an EPro8 Internal Event
Classroom Lot of Equipment
We will hire and deliver an additional six sets of EPro8 School Equipment.  If your school already owns one set of EPro8 School Equipment, you will now have seven sets to use for the week.  This is enough equipment for 28 students.

For schools that already own a classroom lot of EPro8 School Equipment (five or more sets) then the EPro8 Classroom Week is provided at a heavily discounted price (as this option does not include the hiring extra equipment).  
Week Long STEM Curriculum
Put your usual classroom activities aside for a week, and spend a rewarding week focussed on STEM learning.  Modules include the practical application of students reading, writing and practical mathematics.
The week long program is structured to be easy for teachers.

The curriculum ties together a number of our existing activities, with extra resources, in a logical week long program.
Workbook and Resources
Each student will receive a quality 60 page workbook.  The workbook includes:
  • practical activities using the equipment
  • activities covering reading, writing, maths and art from an engineering perspective
  • access to online resources and videos

Topics include:
  • engineering art and scale drawing
  • technical writing
  • measurements
  • scientific method and graphs
  • sport science
EPro8 Internal Event
Finish the week with an EPro8 Internal Event, which is run in a similar style to the Event Series, complete with live scoring.  

Six to eight teams will each be based at one set of EPro8 School Equipment.  Teams will compete to earn points in a two hour event.  
We will provide challenges, certificates, trophies and access the the EPro8 Live Scoring System.

You will run the event, including the judging, but training and support will be provided.

The top two teams qualify to represent your school in the EPro8 Challenge Event Series.
Online Resources

The cost of the EPro8 Classroom Week depends on if your school already owns a classroom set of EPro8 School Equipment (five or more sets), and therefore whether we need to hire the equipment as part of the package.

How many sets of EPro8 School Equipment does your school own?

Freight of the equipment in both directions is included in this price

This cost does not include the entry fee for any teams that qualify for the Event Series.

To book your EPro8 Classroom, complete the following form:
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We will contact you to confirm which weeks the equipment is available
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