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EPro8 Internal Event
For schools who have access to five or more sets of EPro8 School Equipment, you can now run your own EPro8 Internal Event, complete with:
  • Live Scoring System
  • Leaderboard
  • Big Red Buttons
  • Sound Effects
  • Challenge Cards
  • Certificates

And the top two teams from each EPro8 Internal Event qualify to represent your school at the inter-school events.

For schools that don't own five or more sets of equipment, the EPro8 Internal Event is part of the EPro8 Classroom Week.
How it Works
Each team will be based at one set of EPro8 School Equipment.  
A laptop at each workstation will be your Big Red Button.
We have modified the EPro8 Leaderboard so that it runs on a browser.
The teacher will be the judge for the event.
When teams complete a challenge they push their Big Red Button.
The judge will check if they have achieved the criteria, and if so enters a four letter code on the teams laptop.
The points will automatically appear on the leaderboard.
What You Need
Qualifying for the Inter-School Events
An EPro8 Internal Event can be used to qualifying for the inter-school event series.  Up to two teams from each EPro8 Internal Event can qualify for the inter-school series.
Run Multiple Events
Each school can register for multiple events.
Now all your students can enjoy the EPro8 experience and prove their engineering and problem solving skills.

To run an EPro8 Internal Event, all you require is:
  • Five or more sets of EPro8 School Equipment
  • A laptop for each team plus one for the leaderboard
  • A projector or big screen.

That is all.  The setup is simple.
Each EPro8 Internal Event includes:
  • Challenge cards.
  • Teacher's Instructions.
  • Certificates for your top three teams
  • Access to the EPro8 scoring system
  • The right to enter two teams in the inter-school events

The cost for each EPro8 Internal Event is $180 incl GST.
This does not include the entry fee for the inter-school event or the hiring of any equipment.

Booking your Event
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