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EPro8 Classroom Workbook
The EPro8 Classroom Workbook is a quality 44 page workbook designed for your whole classroom.
It is full of activities with topics including:
  • Sports Science
  • Technical Writing
  • Engineering Art
  • Collecting and Processing Raw Data
  • Technical Words
  • Science and Graphs
  • Scientific Method
  • Communcation
Receive 32 workbooks, so you have one for each of your students.

It is written by the EPro8 Challenge engineers, to the same practical learning style as you know from our events.

The EPro8 Classroom Workbook was originally designed as part of the EPro8 Classroom Week.   But due to popular demand we are now making it available as a standalone book.
Example: Engineering Art
Engineers are artists too.  They use drawings to represent their ideas and
designs.  It is a special type of art that combines art with maths and
Students will:
  • Interprept engineering drawings
  • Do their own engineering drawings
  • Do a scale plan drawing of their classroom
  • Learn how to show measurements on their drawings
Do I Need to do it in a Week?
No.  The workbook is written as a week long intensive STEM program.  But you can use the workbook in your classroom however you wish.
Example: Technical Writing
Compare the difference between technical writing and normal writing.
Learn how in technical writing every word is important.
Start to integrate numbers and maths into your descriptive writing.
Do I Need EPro8 School Equipment?
Yes and No.
The workbook is designed around the assumption that you will have access to a classroom lot of EPro8 School Equipment.  But there is still 35 page of activities that can be done without the equipment.  
If you spread the activities in the workbook out over time then you will be able to share your EPro8 School Equipment.
Online Resources
The EPro8 Classroom Workbook includes access to online activities and resources.
The classroom bundle of EPro8 Classroom Workbooks includes:
  • 30 workbooks - one for each of your students
  • A teacher's workbook with notes
  • Access to online recources.

The cost for this bundle is $350 inc GST and delivery.
We will be doing our main print run during the April school holidays.  Order before then to get your delivery in the first week of term 2.
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