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EPro8 Challenge

Thanks to the following event sponsors for supporting the Canterbury season of the EPro8 Challenge

AmberlyAshburton & Semifinal 1Year 9 & 10 Season

2019 Canterbury Events

Year 5-6Year 7-8Year 9-10Year 11-13 

Year 5-6

AmberleyAmberley School30 May 9:30 AM
KaiapoiKaiapoi North School31 May 9:30 AM
TimaruBluestone School11 Jun 9:30 AM
TimaruBluestone School12 Jun 9:30 AM
AshburtonAshburton Borough School4 Jul 9:30 AM
AshburtonAshburton Borough School5 Jul 9:30 AM
Christchurch SouthChristchurch South Intermediate23 Jul 9:30 AM
Christchurch SouthChristchurch South Intermediate24 Jul 9:30 AM
AvondaleChisnallwood Intermediate25 Jul 9:30 AM
SumnerSumner School31 Jul 9:30 AM
RollestonClearview Primary School1 Aug 9:30 AM
BurnsideCobham Intermediate13 Aug 9:30 AM
BurnsideCobham Intermediate14 Aug 9:30 AM
Semifinal 1Ashburton Borough School15 Aug 9:30 AM
Semifinal 2Kirkwood Intermediate20 Aug 9:30 AM
Semifinal 3Kirkwood Intermediate21 Aug 9:30 AM
Semifinal 4Kaiapoi North School23 Aug 9:30 AM
Grand Final 28 Aug 10:30 AM

Year 7-8

AmberleyAmberley School29 May 5:00 PM
KaiapoiKaiapoi North School30 May 5:00 PM
TimaruBluestone School10 Jun 5:00 PM
TimaruBluestone School11 Jun 5:00 PM
AshburtonAshburton Borough School3 Jul 5:00 PM
AshburtonAshburton Borough School4 Jul 5:00 PM
Christchurch SouthChristchurch South Intermediate22 Jul 5:00 PM
Christchurch SouthChristchurch South Intermediate23 Jul 5:00 PM
AvondaleChisnallwood Intermediate24 Jul 5:00 PM
SumnerSumner School30 Jul 5:00 PM
RollestonClearview Primary School31 Jul 5:00 PM
BurnsideCobham Intermediate12 Aug 5:00 PM
BurnsideCobham Intermediate13 Aug 5:00 PM
Semifinal 1Ashburton Borough School14 Aug 5:00 PM
Semifinal 2Kirkwood Intermediate19 Aug 5:00 PM
Semifinal 3Kirkwood Intermediate20 Aug 5:00 PM
Semifinal 4Kaiapoi North School22 Aug 5:00 PM
Grand Final 28 Aug 4:00 PM

Year 9-10

ChristchurchHornby High School5 Aug 5:00 PM
ChristchurchHornby High School6 Aug 9:30 AM
ChristchurchChrist's College6 Aug 5:00 PM
ChristchurchChrist's College7 Aug 9:30 AM
Grand Final 27 Aug 5:00 PM